I like to wait until I have a clear, cohesive message before I let it go live on my site, or before I send my work out, hoping someone else will press that publish button.

This will not be that.

I have too many thoughts. I need a professional organizer to help me get them straight, and then, perhaps, we can work on my closet. Until I find someone willing to sort out this mess in my brain, you get to read it.

You have to click, though (I know. That’s a lot of extra work. I thank you for going through with it). I published an essay on Medium with some of my post-election thoughts. If you want to know why I think it’s okay to be sad, and why I also think we are lucky to be alive in this season, then go have a read.

That’s right. I said we’re lucky, and I believe it to my core.

(Click either of those links up there. If you don’t see them, try here.)