Wonder Why Wednesday – Throw in the Towel!

Well I’m sure it couldn’t possibly be user error, but I’ve had a devil of a time posting today. Considering that the day is half over, and WWW never did post, I almost threw in the towel. But we’ll give it one last try. After almost forgetting to post last week, and then not being able to today, it’s not the greatest WWW track record. Here’s to redemption! And second chances!

Today’s question, based on today’s experience, is:

Why do computers, like kids, know when you most need good behavior, and pick that day to fall apart?

Answer away. Post your own question, related or not. Enjoy.

We’ll return to regularly scheduled WWW programming next week. Look for a new Five for Ten post tomorrow – the topic is Happiness. I can’t wait to discuss.


  1. Ha! I wrote a post a while back called cyber schemes. It was about how all the computers everywhere I went were messing up and I decided that it was an evil jealous woman in disguise and out to get me…little did I know they are in cahoots with children!

  2. I like the idea that an evil, jealous woman could be behind this, because surely it is not just my children acting uncivil on their own accord. Now my computer, I can see it pulling a stunt out of shear meanness.


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