Instead of wondering today, I’m kind of wandering. My mind is, anyway. I come from adventurous, creative stock. Vaudvillians, movie stars, creators and artists. I, however, am kind of serious. I’m efficient, I follow the rules, I work hard at living up to expectations. Way down deep there’s a bit of my genetically programed zest for living that periodically tries to escape.

That zest is clawing at me today. I want to pack up and move. I want to live in a different part of the country (or a different country altogether) and experience everything another region has to offer.

So I wonder (aha – I am wondering), where do you live? Why do you love it? Sell me, baby. Make me call a realtor and start shopping for houses in your neighborhood.*

*We’re really good neighbors. We take great care of our house and yard. We’ll bring you dinner if you need a break. We like to kick back, have a drink or three, and enjoy the evening. So really, don’t be afraid to sell me on your location. Really. We’re not stalkery at all.