Love and blogging, love and blogging.
Go together like thieves and flogging.
This, I tell you blogger mama,
You can’t have one with otha’.

{Why I’m Not a Songwriter: Exhibit A.}

Blogging is a lot like love and marriage, though. I explain:

It’s Love at First Sight
When you first start a blog, it’s all you can think about. You post every day. Sometimes twice.

Quirks? What Quirks?
It’s kind of cute the when your blogging platform eats all your comments. The process of recovering all those comments is an opportunity to learn more about each other.

Familiarity Sets In
But it’s the good kind of familiarity. You’re comfortable, you speak each other’s language. You’ve memorized all the short codes and know just how to make magic happen with your blog.

Breaks Are Good For You
You’re still totally in love, but you realize the blog cannot meet every need. You want to hang out with old friends, make a few new ones, develop your own hobbies. Enter: Twitter. And Pinterest. And Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Google Connect, follow, like, link, oh my.

Is This a Break or a Break-Up?
You’re spread a bit thin. Keeping up with the blog and all of your social media activities, on top of work, family and whatever else you are juggling is hard. Deep down, you still love the blog. You do. But some days you can’t remember why you love it. You’re phoning in the posts, and it shows. When you post, that is. We’re talking major dry spell here.

So Many Quirks
For crying out loud, the comments disappeared again? This is total crap.

You and the blog, you have a heart-to-heart. You flip through old posts and reminisce. Along the way, that loving feeling resurfaces. You start posting again, and focusing on all the best parts of your blog.

The Long Haul
The honeymoon is over, but the best is yet to come. You and the blog, you’ve been through some tough times and it made you stronger. Now you know what matters. Forget the rest. Now you know how to balance your time (mostly) and devote just the right amount of attention to the blog. You learned how to nurture without smothering: the key to all successful relationships.

I wonder…

:: What has the trajectory of your blogging relationship been?

:: What’s the longest you’ve gone without posting? (And no, that’s not a euphemism. I’m really talking about blogging.)

:: If you took a break, what instigated your rekindling?



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