The auto post feature and I do not get along. Once again, it failed me.

But you know, I took it as a sign:

1. That post was so lame. Sometimes it’s hard to know at first what’s lame and what’s not. Like Style Snaps. Have you seen these? In theory, awesome. In reality, I suspect lameness. Blog posts can be a lot like that. In theory, my post for today was awesome. In reality, I think the failed auto-post saved me.

2. Instead of re-posting it or writing something new, I should use this time to read your blog. I have no idea what’s going on with any of my favorite bloggers. I’m behind. Woefully, miserably behind. I know it’s not a job; I know I’m not required to read your every word. But I like to, and I hate getting this far out of the loop.

So I’m off to do some reading. See you back here next week.

I wonder…

:: Have you ever thought something was all that, only to realize later that it was anything but?