Lame or Not?

The auto post feature and I do not get along. Once again, it failed me.

But you know, I took it as a sign:

1. That post was so lame. Sometimes it’s hard to know at first what’s lame and what’s not. Like Style Snaps. Have you seen these? In theory, awesome. In reality, I suspect lameness. Blog posts can be a lot like that. In theory, my post for today was awesome. In reality, I think the failed auto-post saved me.

2. Instead of re-posting it or writing something new, I should use this time to read your blog. I have no idea what’s going on with any of my favorite bloggers. I’m behind. Woefully, miserably behind. I know it’s not a job; I know I’m not required to read your every word. But I like to, and I hate getting this far out of the loop.

So I’m off to do some reading. See you back here next week.

I wonder…

:: Have you ever thought something was all that, only to realize later that it was anything but?


  1. oh. dear.

    you’re speaking my language. i’m struggling to write something just to post.

    not me.

    so? i’m here, reading you :)

  2. Auto post feature? Of what do you speak?

  3. I think even this non blog post was worth reading. You are so worth reading. Every word :)

    Thank you,

    God Bless and Keep You
    and Yours

  4. You’re so funny! And style snaps crack me up!!My son is an infomercial maniac. Everything he sees he thinks I “have to have”! ANd he thinks those Style snaps are ah-mazing! Happy reading, girl!! Enjoy the super bowl!!!

  5. I LOVE your posts!!! They are clever, funny, sweet, vulnerable, and real.

    You so make my visits here happy ones.

  6. Even your “I’m not posting anything today” posts make me smile.

    So there!

  7. You just enlightened me to style snaps…I too, am suspicious!


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