Ooooo. Sub-heads. Yep, it’s a sub-heading kind of day, which just means that this post is a hodge-podge. Enjoy.


iPhone Photo Phun

I almost missed #iPPP this week, because I thought today was Tuesday. Anyone else confused about what day it is? I’d love to blame it on the Labor Day holiday, but I lose track of the days on normal weeks. Addled, I tell you.

So. #iPPP. You know how I said most of my pictures are of food? I was not exaggerating. Here is today’s lunch, a complete splurge (as in, calorie splurge). It was worth every nasty, toxic, non-nutritional calorie. I’ll worry about the ramifications later. Or not.

I give you the Texadelphia Chicken Cheesesteak, with mustard blend sauce and jalapenos. That mustard blend sauce is rub-it-in-your-hair good. What, you don’t say that? What about slap-your-mama-good? No?

Bloggers Without Borders

From there, we move to something much better for us: Bloggers Without Borders. Have you seen this site? I’m in love. When personal tragedy hit, Erika and Maggy, two blogging buddies turned real life friends, turned their experience into Bloggers Without Borders. According to the website, their goals are:

  1. To create a platform (through our website, blog and social media platforms) which allows bloggers to promote charitable events and projects and connect them with bloggers who want to get involved.
  2. To offer advice and support to bloggers want to start projects.
  3. To respond to the need in our own community (and beyond) by fundraising for specific causes as and when the need arises.
  4. To use our platforms to raise awareness about chosen social issues through targeted campaigns.

Erika contacted me yesterday in response to the #TXBlogFireRelief campaign that Austin-area bloggers have launched. In chatting with her, I found out that Erika’s home burned to the ground last year, and I was so moved that she wanted to reach out to fire victims here.

Bloggers Without Borders offered to help #TXBlogFireRelief spread the word about the wildfire relief efforts. To that end, they are running a post today, and they are also helping out by tweeting and posting on Facebook.

I just cannot thank them enough, and I beg you to go give them your unwavering support forever. Is that too much to ask? I didn’t think so. Go check out Bloggers Without Borders, follow them, support them, love them. The end. (And thank you, too.)

And Stuff

I wanted to say thanks to all of you who are posting, tweeting, Facebook-ing about the #TXBlogFireRelief effort.

I can’t stress enough how long this rebuilding and recovery process is going to take. The Texas “fire season” always starts around now, but this year is fire season times a gazillion. (No, not a scientific quantification there.) We definitely haven’t seen the end of this.

I’m not completely sure how I’m going about it yet, but in some shape, form or fashion, I will post regular updates on relief needs. Even if you’re not in town, you can still help by sending cash donations to organizations or mailing donated items (you can mail directly to organizations or to me, just contact me if you want to do that). Please follow the hash tag, #TXBlogFireRelief on Twitter for updates, as well.

That brings me to today’s updates. There are a couple Facebook pages doing a great job of keeping running lists of relief efforts and needs. Please take a look at:

Central Texas Wildfire Recovery

Steiner Ranch Social Committee

And here’s a story from (KEYE, the CBS affiliate), that is regularly updated. They have a good list of ways to donate online.

Don’t forget to link up your own post about the fires here. If you’re looking for more suggestions on ways to help, the posts in this linky are the place to go.

As always, thank you. I will never stop saying it, because it can’t be said enough.