iPhone Photo Phun #1

Poor Liz and KLZ, they are bored. So they came up with something else to manage: iPhone Photo Phun.

iPhone Photo Phun

I recently deleted a lot of junk pictures off of my iPhone, and I still have almost 700 files left. Most of which are also junk. The rest of which are instagram shots of food, cocktails, my kids, and my kids eating food. What I learned by participating in this meme: I need to diversify my photography.

My theme for today’s #iPPP link is Summer. Our break officially ended yesterday – or I guess Monday was the last day, if we’re going to be technical – so I’m sharing two of my Summer 2011 memories.

I regularly took pictures of thermometers this summer and did two things with them:

  1. Texted or emailed them to friends who live in kinder climates, just so they could feel extra thankful for their good fortune to live somewhere with pleasant weather; and
  2. Sent them to my husband, along with charming messages like, “Get me the hell out of this town!” or “I just spontaneously combusted!” or “Stupid, stupid, stupid heat is making me mad.” He really likes those messages. It’s nice to hear uplifting things from your wife. Like daily affirmations.

105 degrees outside! And that 82 for inside cannot be right. We are going into debt keeping this place igloo-like.

Today’s second Summer 2011 memory is of us escaping the brutal, mind-altering, cranky-making heat.

Waiting for our plane to take us to good friends AND good weather.

Have a good Wednesday, everyone. If you need me, I’ll be lying on a tile floor under a ceiling fan, melting ice cubes on my forehead.



  1. I genuinely love the commentary that accompanies these. And you are SO right about taking photos of thermostats and sharing with others! I totally have with my car thermostat!

    Poor Mark. He needs to help you escape.

  2. I love the idea of taking pics of the thermostat – such a cute way to remember the heat!

  3. OMG the heat this summer has been crazy! I LOVE the texts you sent your husband. I’m sure he enjoyed them as I much as I did reading about them.

  4. I take pictures of the thermostat, too!! I would die in the 105* weather. Do you take pictures of the gas prices, too?

  5. My husband loves texts like those from me, too. Or the ones when I’m ALL CAPS yelling via text because me and the kids have been stuck inside for too long because of the heat.

    Glad you got to escape (for a little while, at least)!

  6. Love IT! I do that too with the snarky text messages.
    The best was one Hubs sent to me this summer, He was at work & I asked him how’s it going and he replied “It’s like Hell. Only Hotter”

  7. I’m so bored that I’d really like to come watch you melt ice cubes for entertainment.

  8. I hear you on the thermostat. I got in my car yesterday and the temp gauge said the outside temp was 105. yuk
    Love the picture of the kids looking out the window.

  9. Ohmygoodness your captions are pure hilarious!

  10. That thermometer brought back memories…. even here in Maine where it’s usually cool we made it to 105. Unbelievable summer!

  11. You are cracking me up! I make those heat comments too, only mine generally includes I hate this ******* state!

  12. Now the Pac NW doesn’t seem so bad! That is crazy crazy.

  13. First of all, my husband loves when I send messages like that, TOO! You and I truly know how to keep the home fires burning, huh?

    Or is that the 105 degree weather?

    Well, one of those.

    Secondly, I will love you forever for saying you were “lying on a tile floor” instead of “laying”…

    I thought the entire world had forgotten the proper conjugation of that verb.

    But you came along, just like a song, and brightened my day.

    Or something like that.

    Thank you, friend.

  14. We have been hot too — but today the temp in morning was 64. Never fear, it got really hot later. Love your boys looking for the plane. I remember my oldest being so in love with looking at planes taking off and landing. Stay under that fan.

  15. LOVE IT!!

    I’ve seen more pictures of thermostats on facebook and the like then ever before! I really feel for you guys. The heat has got to be insane.

    But the selfish side of me would like it if you could share a few degrees. We haven’t been above 80 all summer long!

  16. Can I keep a copy of that thermostat? Cause fall is approaching my Canadian neck of the woods and we all know what that means…facking snow. I’ll need something to help pull me through that.

  17. Too funny! Seriously… I’m am still laughing … all by my self… in my wonderfully air-conditioned office… Where the HECK to you live?!? 105° ? Really? 😉

  18. You in Phoenix? Looks like Sky Harbor! If it is Phoenix, run away! I got out as soon as I could when I turned 18!


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