You may have noticed that I don’t have a Blogroll. (What?! You haven’t read every page of this blog? Oh, okay. Neither have I.)

The thing is, I put off creating a blogroll because I know it will become a maintenance nightmare. Twenty years from now I’ll still have the original list, sitting there on its lonely page, unread. Yes, I plan to blog forever, baby.

Instead of creating another maintenance item for myself – and another never-gonna-read blog page for you – I decided that one Wednesday each month I will replace Wonder Why Wednesday with… Blogroll Schmogroll, a short list of blogs I think you should visit. Each month I’ll highlight two or three people who make me laugh, think and, on occasion, cry.

You can then add my favorites to your reader, subscribe to their email newsletter and follow them on Twitter. You, too, will have the opportunity to smack your head daily, thinking I need more time to read these blogs. They’re all so good. Damn Missy for getting me hooked on more blogs. Or something like that.

Look for Blogroll Schmogroll on the last Wednesday of every month, starting… today!

But before we begin, some minor housekeeping… I know, I know, always killing the fun by bringing up housekeeping.

These monthly lists are, in no way, comprehensive or conclusive, meaning:

When I say Here are blogs that make me laugh, I do not mean that these are the only blogs that make me laugh. If I say This blog is always smart and thoughtful, that does not mean that there aren’t many more smart, thoughtful blogs out there.

If you know for a fact that I read your blog all the time, but you haven’t been featured on Blogroll Schmogroll yet, please don’t be offended. Your day is coming, I promise. My Google Reader and my in box are full – FULL, I tell you – of blogs I read daily (or as frequently as possible), and I’m not going through the list alphabetically or anything. Blogroll Schmogroll will be a bit more random. Have patience. You know I love you.

So let’s begin.

As of this writing I am wrapping up one of those days. The kids were maniacs, and it so happens that I also had almost no Mama Patience today. I was blessed with a teeny, tiny portion of Mama Patience to begin with. If my tolerance levels drop at all this household immediately hits an orange, teetering on red, threat level.

Then, when dumping pasta into a colander, boiling water splashed over the side of the sink. The tidal of wave of super-hot liquid landed on me. I feel like a tool and I now have a second degree (maybe 1.5 degree?) burn near my belly button. To add insult to injury, I broke a fingernail while stain treating P’s three-billionth stained shirt of the day. I know, this is tragic stuff.

I feel the need for a laugh.

And when I want to laugh, these are three of my go-to ladies:

:: Alabaster Cow – Ericka is smart, funny, and her breasts nearly exploded in her face earlier this week. She’s irreverent in all the right ways.

:: Good Day, Regular People – The Empress is writing a series called When Someone You Love Has a Blog. It’s a must read.

:: Kelley’s Break Room – Kelley hosts a little game called Captcha Balderdash, where readers make up definitions to the captcha words used for authenticating comments and such. Go play!