When there’s a lot going on in the world, I feel blog paralysis. What on earth can I write about? It’s not like every minute of my every day is sunshine and lollipops. (And anyway? I think I’d find that annoying. I hate lollipops.) But things are rolling along, no big bumps in our little road right now.

My home and my family: in tact.

My health: generally fine. (We are no longer talking about the foot issues, because my new strategy is to ignore them and they’ll go away. The issues, not my feet.)

My career: Uh, yes, that’s still in progress, but I’m working some and writing some. No complaints.

So there you have it. Anything I have to say feels small. I’m not funny enough to write a humor piece that transcends tragedy, or wise enough to explain the fires, the hurricanes, the earthquakes. All I have is me. And don’t get me wrong. I’m thankful. Extremely so.

I can feel full of blessings, and still feel blog paralysis.

Until I can come up with the words, we’re sticking with pictures. I love #iPPP (clearly, as this is the third time I’ve linked up), because I can just use photos from my phone. No fancy photography required.

Today’s picture? I warn you, it’s kind of scary. Me, no makeup, at the dermatologist. You know what? If you’re eating, either finish your snack super fast or come back and read this post later.

I decided to use today’s post as an educational opportunity. We all know you need to wear sunscreen. The problem with the daily sunscreen wearing, however, is that it’s hell on your pores. If you’re wearing the wrong stuff, or not using a cleanser than completely removes the sunscreen at the end of the day, or if you sweat a lot while wearing sunscreen, this could be you:


Was anyone ever going to tell me that my entire face is nose and forehead?


Scary, right? That’s me, covered in numbing cream and saran wrap (yep, saran wrap), waiting to have 20+ impacted oil glands burned – BURNED – off my face. Apparently, no matter what I do to cleanse and care for my skin, I’m prone to these. Just a genetic thing, according to the dermatologist. But using the right sunscreen will go a long way, as will washing it off as soon as possible after sweating.

With our current predicament here in Austin – that would be the 100+ degree weather that is never, ever ending, ever – it’s kind of tricky to wash my face every time I sweat.  But I’m going to try. Because the procedure, while not horribly painful, was lengthy and resulted in this:

Four hours later, brows and lids still a bit numb.

iPhone Photo Phun