Welcome to Missy Stevens Writes! Technical difficulties delayed things around here. Aren’t there always technical difficulties? There are when I’m running the technology. Thanks to Jen at Blue Yonder Design for stepping in and fixing my mess(es).

I’m officially open for business now, though. Or blogging. Blogging business.

In continuing with my haphazard theme, I’m launching on a Friday, and will be attempting my first new content during the last week of school. This should be fun. (New bloggers, this is not the place to turn for a how-to tutorial.)

My About page is updated, if you’re looking for new content right this minute. The Good Stuff page is coming soon, too. Check back next week.

Oh, and please go look at the pretty Facebook image Blue Yonder Design made for me. You can like the page while you are there. It’s free, and comes with loads of fascinating updates and thoughts from me. You won’t regret it. And if you do regret it, don’t tell me about it. I can’t fix all of your problems. Jeez.

Thanks for hanging in there, or for stopping by for the first time, or for giving me another chance. However you ended up here, I’m grateful. See you next week!